"Two quarts for a nickel.
 Three for a dime."

The uniqueness of the Gallup House homestead flows from the small hometown flavor and "Mayberryesque" quality of life in Jefferson Iowa. That sense of community and Midwest values can be seen in the fond recollections of local residents of  "Ted," as George Gallup was then known, delivering milk or working a variety of jobs around town as a young man, such as helping with the construction of what is currently the local Middle School. His milk route advertising slogan - "Two quarts for a nickel. Three for a dime" - foreshadowed the influence that this future member of the Advertising Hall of Fame would have in shaping modern advertising messages.


Jefferson is a small, progressive town of 4,500 located in Central Iowa. It offers all the amenities that one would expect of a county seat, including a diverse set of stores, restaurants, parks and recreation facilities. It is also less than an hour from Ames (the home of Iowa State University) and Des Moines (the state capital) so it has convenient access to more conventional shopping, cultural and entertainment options. But the real reasons to visit Jefferson are that it lies at the heartland of some of the world's richest farmland and is a community of self-sufficiency and small-town values.

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Jefferson, Iowa - A Key Role in Gallup's "Populist" Views
The community of Jefferson was clearly a profound shaper of George Gallup's values. His environment also played a role in Gallup's "populist" views. Jefferson, Iowa, embodied many of the Jeffersonian populist virtues - small, non-industrialized, composed of self-reliant, educated and politically involved citizens. more..